Save Time with Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutsPart of my job as a Personal Assistant is to be more efficient and one of the ways this can be done is using keyboard shortcuts.

When you have a large document to format or tables to create you will be amazed at how much time can be saved by using the keyboard as well as the mouse.  Whilst one hand is selecting text, adding rows the other can be quickly cutting and pasting.

Below are two lists of shortcuts (one for Mac users and one for PC users) that you will find useful in your everyday work.  These lists are not exhaustive.  It is a very basic list to get you started.


Key Combination                  What is does

Command+A               Select all items in the front Finder window

Command+C                Copy selected item/text

Command+V               Paste

Command+X               Cut

Command+W             Close window

Command+B               Bold

Command+I                Italics

Command+U              Underline

Cmd-Shift+3               Take a screen shot


Key Combination                  What is does

CTRL+C                                          Copy

CTRL+X                                         Cut

CTRL+V                                         Paste

CTRL+Z                                         Undo

CTRL+B                                        Bold

CTRL+U                                        Underline

CTRL+I                                          Italic

If you are thinking “I’m never going to remember all these” don’t panic.  Print off this blog and pin it up above your computer.  You will soon find that you pick them up very quickly and will be performing these shortcuts without another thought.

Don’t forget right clicking the mouse will also give you more options or SHIFT+right click

Please leave a comment with your favourite keyboard shortcuts.


About Emma Windsor

I am a Freelance Executive Assistant based in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire near Bath. I love organisation and helping businesses keep on top of their workload. I work either onsite or remotely. Services include - Call Answering, Digital Transcription, Email Campaigns, Event Management, Holiday Cover, Office Management, Order Processing, Travel Arrangements and more. Contact me on to find out how I can ease your workload.
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3 Responses to Save Time with Keyboard Shortcuts

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  2. Thanks Emma – Helps to be reminded about those wonderful short cuts. The screen shot one is really useful. Here is a three more which I use regularly on my iMac:

    Click on a file or folder then Command + I – displays information

    Command + Z – undo last action

    Command + backspace – Delete

    If you want all the possible Mac shortcuts for Mac OS X then you can find them all here:

    Best wishes


    • Emma Windsor says:

      Glad you found this piece useful Andy. Thank you for the other shortcuts and link. I never knew how to move the cursor to the end/home of a line or left and right on a Mac. Now I do thanks but let’s hope I can remember – there are so many!

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