Fanurio Software & Customer Support 10/10

Before I write anything on the above title I just want to point out that I do not receive any monetary benefit from Fanurio for constantly plugging their software.  I just believe when someone does a great job they deserve praise.

Before I came across this piece of software I would keep a note of time spent on client’s work with pen and paper.  Then at the end of every month I would begin the laborious task of typing up the timesheets.  A whole day of paid work would have to be written off in order to complete this in order to get paid.

Fanurio time tracking software has saved me so many hours it is unbelievable.  Time saved that can now be spent on paid work and it really is a simple as clicking a few buttons.

Fanurio Time Tracking

In Fanurio each client appears on the left hand side and for each client you can enter different projects and within that different services.  Billing can be done hourly or at a one off price and it is also possible to bill for expenses.

Fanurio Time Tracking TimerWhen you sit down for work all you have to do is highlight the appropriate client, the project and service and then click to start the timer.  You then just either pause or stop and Fanurio keeps track of it.

The really fun bit is when it comes to billing, to invoice you just do the same – highlight, click invoice, type in the invoice number and then either print or export as a PDF.  Now how easy is that, so much better than slaving away with pen and paper, or filling in columns in Excel?

But wait there is more, invoices can be customised, reports run and the support I have received has been excellent.  No automated reponses – thank you for your email we will respond in 24 hours.  Nicu (yes personal terms) replies within hours.  Not that there have been any problems, just when I’ve moved address and I needed my contact details changing.  But on the new release this can all be changed yourself.

Oh yes and one last thing this isn’t just for Macs, there is support for other platforms, including Windows and Linux.

Fanurio Time tracking Mac Dock

So what are you waiting for? Download your 30 day free trial now at


About Emma Windsor

I am a Freelance Executive Assistant based in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire near Bath. I love organisation and helping businesses keep on top of their workload. I work either onsite or remotely. Services include - Call Answering, Digital Transcription, Email Campaigns, Event Management, Holiday Cover, Office Management, Order Processing, Travel Arrangements and more. Contact me on to find out how I can ease your workload.
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