The Worst Wake Up Call

It is the early hours of the morning and I’ve just had the most horrible experience.  I’m wide awake and my heart is pumping.  I’ve just been woken by my mobile phone.  It made me jump, jump right out of my deep sleep. The number on the screen was my parents. That feeling of panic ran over my body. Why do we automatically think the worse?


I didn’t manage to answer it in time so I rang straight back but it was engaged. I feel sick. Oh no I think they are now calling my sister. All sorts of dreadful thoughts are running through my mind.  I try again and it rings.


My mum answers.


My first words are “What’s wrong?”.


She replies “nothing”.


“Mum! What has happened?” again she replies “Nothing” in what can only be described as a quiet shocked voice.


I’m waiting for the but…….


She then asks “Did you call me?”. “No” I reply. “Are you sure?” she says.


“Yes! Mum, you called me, what is going on?”


Again she asks if I’ve called her. I explain “Well I have just called now but only because you called me”.


“But I thought you called me” she says again. This is becoming totally confusing!  I really am wondering what the heck is going on.


“So nothing has happened then?” I ask “No” she says. Thank goodness, I breathe a sigh of relief. “But Mum it is 5.30am?!”


We exchanged a few more words, still clarifying whether or not I had called her and that her and Dad were really ok. I must of sounded a bit sharp because all of a sudden there was silence on the other end of the phone.


Then the words “I think I’m dreaming?!”


“Oh Mother! Don’t do that to me! You scared the life out of me!”


We managed a little giggle.  “Speak to you later” we say quickly, in the hope that we can return to sleep.


But I’m sat here a bit shocked, a bit shaken up and my breathing still shallow.  I hope she’s gone back to sleep. Oh dear what a panic and confusion!


I know people sleep talk, even walk but to make a phone call.  Really?!  Well it must be true, it has just happened to me.


Do you know of anything similar happening like this?

About Emma Windsor

I am a Freelance Executive Assistant based in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire near Bath. I love organisation and helping businesses keep on top of their workload. I work either onsite or remotely. Services include - Call Answering, Digital Transcription, Email Campaigns, Event Management, Holiday Cover, Office Management, Order Processing, Travel Arrangements and more. Contact me on to find out how I can ease your workload.
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7 Responses to The Worst Wake Up Call

  1. phil hendy says:

    Saw your tweets on it, that must have been scary. I would have done exactly the same as you!

    My wife has sleep conversations with me, I find it quite amusing now but was weird when she first started doing it.

  2. It’s strange what can happen during sleep. I rarely ever remember a dream! I know a few people that sleepwalk, will engage in conversation then go back to bed and not know anything about it.

    • Emma Windsor says:

      You must sleep very well Roland, I dream all the time, sometimes the same one over and over again. I can wake up then fall back to sleep and continue the same dream. Yeah I have heard stories of sleepwalking and talking but just never come across it. Let’s just hope that this morning’s experience doesn’t happen again.

  3. anne sylvester says:

    Emma’s mum, yes I was dreaming, but I dreamt I heard the phone. It was holding emms number, so I half asleep went into panic, thinking why was she ringing me. No the family is not mad, but in this world it does help to be a little mad. love to everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Catherine says:

    That must have been very scary. When our children were teenagers we did have to occasional middle of the night call that sent me into a panic (like ‘Mum, I’m so sorry but I’ve just put your car in the ditch’) such that I almost developed a phone phobia but all is calm in my house now!

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