A Very Very Special Twitter #FF

It is Friday (hurrah I hear you say) and on Twitter that means Follow Friday!  For those not familiar with this it is a chance to give a shout out to people you believe are worth following. Today I want to blog a very special #FF to you.

This week was my Twitter birthday. I’ve now been tweeting for 4 years! 4 years, 2 days, 23 hours, 34 minutes, 51 seconds to be precise. Oh my gosh! Wow, I know, I can’t believe it either but I have to say I LOVE Twitter!

I remember those very early days joining in with #elevesestime, sat all alone in my little office at the beginning of my business, drinking tea and sharing virtual biscuits. We would chat about anything and everything and often stay until lunch oops! My business has now grown and the nature of my work means that it is only on the rare occasion I can stop by but the beauty of Twitter is you can reply to a tweet any time, tea breaks all day!!

At the end of last year I stumbled across my first problem with Twitter, something caused me concern and made me question my presence on Twitter. I changed my name, I locked my account….very rarely tweeted. Then something told me to carry on. Twitter welcomed me back and I have fallen in love again.

Now this #FF isn’t just because it is my birthday, I am currently undergoing a business review and part of my homework was to gather information on my client base. I did a bit extra to gain some house points and found out, surprise surprise, a lot of my work comes from Twitter. I was actually quite astonished and this is what led me to write. Not only has Twitter found me new clients but it has been a way of obtaining information, learning new things and also played host to some fun chitchatting! But without you it couldn’t happen. Thank you to everyone for all the fantastic tweets, links, pictures, RTs, Follow Fridays, recommendations and also the chats when I haven’t seen a single person for days – the joys of working alone!

I would love to hear your views on Twitter, what makes it special for you and of course the followers you recommend.

If you would like to find out how long you’ve been on Twitter go to http://www.howlonghaveyoubeentweeting.com.  Whose been on longer than me?


About Emma Windsor

I am a Freelance Executive Assistant based in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire near Bath. I love organisation and helping businesses keep on top of their workload. I work either onsite or remotely. Services include - Call Answering, Digital Transcription, Email Campaigns, Event Management, Holiday Cover, Office Management, Order Processing, Travel Arrangements and more. Contact me on emma@emmawindsor.co.uk to find out how I can ease your workload.
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